The Junior Premier Program provides year-round training for players aged U9 to U12. Our emphasis is player-centric with development the number one priority. We focus on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological development of individual players on a pathway towards maximizing their full potential. Teams are regionally based and tiered by ability.


The Premier Program at U13-U18 program provides year-round opportunities U13 & U14 while U15 (9th Grade) and older will only play with GPS throughout the Fall season due to the high school soccer season in the spring. Our Premier teams continue to develop technically and tactically, and are introduced to game strategy, positional roles and responsibilities and developing a competitive mentality.


GPS Iowa Select Teams (U11-U19) are determined by player selection based off a tryout held by the club.

  1. Register player for tryouts
  2. Attend tryout date/time given for player birth year
  3. Receive a Team Placement email (Also known as a 'Bid Emai') on the communicated date at 8AM
  4. Accept/Decline team placement by 8PM the same day (Buttons will show on email)
  5. If accepting the team placement, you will be re-directed to register for the team and pay a deposit 
  6. If declining the team placement, you will not be a part of GPS Iowa and are available to accept a bid from a different club

Tryouts 2022-23