This program is for our next level players aged 8 & 9. This level is designed to continue to improve skill sets and begin transitioning towards the full field game. With the main goal still to continue to have fun.

Registration for this age group will be based on the birth year. (see birth year calendar link at the bottom of this page).

Practices can start any time after the coaches meeting and players are contacted. Coaches will schedule practices and typically will occur twice during the week at the coaches choosing. Games are for 7 weeks – GIRLS on Saturday mornings from 9:00-1:00, and COED on Sunday afternoons between 1:00 and 4:00. To expand our playing opportunities, we are a part of the Iowa soccer central level 3 league. There will be up to 4 away games.

Teams will have a maximum roster of 12 players. Games are 7 vs 7 (including the goalkeeper) and will be played in 2 x 25-minute halves. There will be goalkeepers and there will be a referee. Ball size 4. Practice drills listed under the coaches tab.

At the U10 Level, there are a few additions from the U8 program. There will be Goalies, penalty kicks, Direct and In-Direct free kicks for fouls. Offsides will now be part of the game. Referees will do their best to call the most obvious ones. NO HEADING practice or games. An intentional header during the game will result in an indirect kick for the other team.

Cost: 95.00 + 20.00 volunteer Fee = 115.00 (Volunteer fee to be returned upon serving 2 hours min volunteer time)

Uniform:  Purchased through Goalkick Soccer, see uniform tab under “ASC Recreation.”