This program is for our players aged 14 through 18.  Generally, players are grouped in U16 (14 and 15 years old) and U19 (16-18 years old.) This level consists of playing the game within the full rules and field size that soccer allows. With the main goal still to continue to learn the game and to have fun.

Registration for this age group will be based on the birth year.

Practices can start any time after the coaches meeting and players are contacted. Coaches will schedule practices and typically will occur twice during the week at the coaches choosing. There will be 7 games over 8 weeks –COED/Girls on Sunday afternoons between 1:00 and 4:00 (with an occasional Saturday game). To expand our playing opportunities, we are a part of the ISL Level 3 Central League (games are within a 60-mile radius of central Des Moines), there will be up to 4 away games.

Short Sided

Occasionally we do not have enough players to create a full-size team. When this occurs, we create a smaller team and they play what is referred to as “Short Sided”. Play goes back to a U12 size field and plays the 6 vs 6 format. All rules are the same.

Teams will have a maximum roster of 22 players (14 short-sided), although only 18 can participate in a single game. Games are 11 vs 11 (including the goalkeeper) and will be played in 2 x 40-minute halves. There will be goalkeepers and there will be a center ref with two assistant referees (AR’s). Full FIFA rules apply, including offside. Ball size 5. Practice drills listed under the coaches tab.

Cost 125.00 + 20.00 volunteer Fee = 145.00 (Volunteer fee to be returned upon serving 2 hours min volunteer time)