About Global Premier Soccer


"The mission of Global Premier Soccer is to be a leader in the development and growth of soccer across North America and beyond. We will establish an identity of excellence as we pursue our pathway to success on and off the field, with our primary focus being the development of players and people. We will develop players who can compete at the highest level of soccer around the world."

Global Premier Soccer (GPS) is one of the largest and most successful soccer clubs in North America.

GPS is currently active in 27 US States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  The club also has programs in Spain, southeast Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Our club listings are split into three categories:

  • GPS Clubs:  Fully owned and operated by GPS and supported by our Headquarters in Massachusetts.
  • Powered by GPS Clubs: Independent organizations supported by GPS with coaching staff, curriculum, marketing, and club operations and access to GPS events and programs (e.g. GPS National teams) as well as FC Bayern resources and branding.

GPS Main

GPS Main