Our fundraiser this year is NEW!

We are excited to announce that our PushSave fundraiser is LIVE and you can start selling NOW!  The fundraising requirement PER FAMILY is 5 PushSave mobile coupon books MINIMUM. In addition, we will have an amazing prize raffle (seriously...they will be great prizes) for anyone selling 15 or more mobile coupon books. The fundraiser runs NOW through October 24th, and prizes will be announced shortly after.

As in past fundraisers, 100% of the proceeds go back to our program. Funds raised will support field updates/improvements, new equipment, coach and player development resources and grant in aid.

Why did we change to PushSave?

1. It's easy! Purchases are made online (that means no more chasing down cash or checks!). There will be no pick-up and delivery dates and no forms to fill out! Once the coupon book is purchased, it is active and live to use. *Mobile coupon books are valid one year from date of purchase.

2. More flexibility! With PushSave, you can choose the coupons that you WILL use. Rather than preset coupon cards, PushSave allows the user to select 10 vendors in the area that they shop at...the tool is so smart it can even send you a quick reminder to use your coupon when you are at the place of business!

3. Everyone can participate! PushSave offers more options for family and friends to support as mobile coupon books are available across the country. That's right, Uncle Dan in Iowa can also support our fundraiser!

4. No door-to-door sales. From your mobile device or computer, your child can send a quick email, text, or even post a Facebook message to tell family and friends about the fundraiser. The fundraiser is easy to track on your seller's dashboard and they can even send a quick thank you to anyone providing support.

PushSave mobile coupon books are $25 each.

What is PushSave?

If you prefer video:   www.pushsave.com/why_pushsave

If you prefer to read:

Think of the traditional coupon books and discount cards used for fundraising...then think updated version! That is what PushSave is! Instead of creating a card or book, printing them, and then having to keep track of all that, we have a site set up and ready to roll where every customer gets to create their own coupon book in the city they live in! You can sell to family and friends all across the country!!