Board of Directors

Josh Doughan, Vice President/ Interim President 
Phone: 515-505-4106, email:

Lisa Burnham, Treasurer 
Phone: 515-210-5005, email:

Jody Phelps, Registrar 
Phone: 515-210-0459, email:

Eric Raasch, Secretary
Phone: 515-238-9674, email:

Becki Raffay, Director of Recreation

Jerry Headington, Director of Field Operations 
Phone: 515-729-7294 email:

Boyd Burnham, Director of Field Maintenance                                                                                                                       Phone: 515-577-3233, email:

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So what does a Board Member do?

Our board members are parents just like you who volunteer their time to ensure our club provides a great place for our children to learn and enjoy the game of soccer.  If you have an interest in helping to shape the future of the club then come join us!  To get an idea of what is involved read the job descriptions below.

1. President

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the club and shall be subject to the control of the Board of Directors and have general supervision, direction, and control of the business and the officers of the Club. He/She shall preside at all meetings of and at all meetings of the Board of Directors. He/She shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall have the general powers and duties of management usually vested in the President of an organization, and shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors or by the Bylaws.

2. Vice-President

In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President, if so requested, shall perform all of the duties of the President and when so acting, shall have all of the powers of, and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President. The Vice-President shall serve as the Chairperson of the Discipline and Rules Committee.

3. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a book of minutes of meetings at such place as the Board of Directors may order, of all meetings of the Club and all meetings of the Board of Directors, with the time and place of holding, whether regular or special and if special how authorized. The Secretary shall keep, or cause to be kept, a book or books containing true and correct copies of all documentation submitted to the Secretary by any Directors or officers of the Club, including copies of correspondence sent in the name of the Club by any Director or officer, to be kept in the official records of the Club in a current and up-to-date status at all times. The Secretary shall tender all such documents and records to the successor Secretary immediately following the next annual election.

4. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep and maintain, or cause to be kept and maintained, adequate and correct accounts of the properties and business transactions of the organization, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, capital; receipts, disbursements, gains, losses, surplus, and any other accounts. The Treasurer shall deposit all money and other valuables in the name of and to the credit of the organization at least monthly. The Treasurer shall disburse the funds of the organization according to the annual budget approved by the Board of Directors. All accounts shall be paid by check, which shall bear the signature of the Treasurer, and/or the President. Accounts may also be paid by Debit card as directed by the budget by the Treasurer and/or President. Disbursements for non-budgeted expenditures in excess of ($250) dollars must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The President may approve non-budgeted expenditures up to and including ($250) dollars. The Treasurer shall render to the President and Board of Directors, whenever requested, an account of all of his/her transactions as the Treasurer and the financial condition of the organization. The books of accounts shall be at all reasonable times open to inspection by any Director. The Treasurer shall tender all such records and accounts to the successor Treasurer immediately following the next annual election.

5. Registrar

The Registrar shall organize and coordinate all procedures for player registration within the Registrar’s jurisdiction, including, but not limited to developing registration forms, verifying and maintaining copies of player birth certificates, registering players, providing player passes, transfer and drop forms to coaches, maintaining current and past copies of the Club database, tracking refunds to maintain accurate registered player records, providing flighting forms, field registration forms and other administrative forms, as requested, to the Board of Directors and Coaches.

The Registrar shall, in conjunction with the Director of Coaching, maintain a waiting list of players who desire to be placed on teams in the event of an opening on a team. The Registrar shall attend the annual training sessions and shall notify all appropriate parties of the due dates for all necessary registration forms. The Registrar shall keep all registration documentation, which shall be deemed part of the official records of the Club, and shall tender all such documents and records to the successor Registrar immediately following the next annual election, and shall have such other powers and performs such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors or by the Bylaws.

6. Director of Fields

The Director of Fields shall be responsible for securing all game and practice fields for the club and attending various community meetings representing the Club for the purpose of maintaining and securing new fields and procuring lighted fields.

Duties of the Director of Fields shall include but are not limited to, interfacing with City or Town Parks Department and School Administrators where the Clubs trains or plays games, securing use permits where needed and providing copies to coaches, ensuring the safety of the environment of the home fields including practice fields, contracting for layout and painting of game.